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/Motion 2015 Motion Reel

From Jay Z’s Magna Carter World Tour to Rag & Bone’s viral fashion film, our new 2015 motion reel highlights our full suite of creative production and post-production services. Discover our work for Audi, Sephora, Vince Camuto, Alexander Wang and … Continue Reading→

/Motion Introducing our New VFX & CG Reel

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/Motion Jay Z Magna Carter Visuals

Industrial Color’s motion team collaborated with director, Nathan Brown for the complete capture to post-production job of creating concert visuals for Jay Z’s Magna Carter World Tour. The visuals are in a lo-fi, surveillance-style suggesting government footage and drone strikes … Continue Reading→

/Capture, Events PHASE ONE XF CAMERA SYSTEM LAUNCH EVENT [Smashbox Studios]


We and our partners at Smashbox Studios love demanding customers. Tight deadlines, high pressure, unique needs – this is where we thrive. Meeting and exceeding those demands requires attention to every part of the business, from the training of our … Continue Reading→

/Motion [Short Film] In Case of Ubiquity

Renowned illustrator and graphic designer, Jean Jullien, brought his signature style and humor to our gallery this month for a one-of-a-kind installation that interacts with the New York City skyline from 22 stories above ground.  In this short film … Continue Reading→

/Events Gallery Opening: Jean Jullien’s ‘In Case of Ubiquity’


Thanks to everyone who came out for last night’s Industrial Color Brands gallery opening!  We celebrated artist Jean Jullien‘s installation ‘In Case of Ubiquity’, illustrations overlooking New York City from 22 stories up in air.  The French artist concluded … Continue Reading→

/Motion Meet the Talent: Derrick Yuen

VFX Manager, Lead Flame Artist and Colorist, Derrick Yuen, is in charge of effects, retouching and finishing video projects for some of the largest brands in the world.  As the last pair of eyes on a project, he has an … Continue Reading→

/Events Jean Jullien x Industrial Color Brands Gallery Installation


Renowned illustrator and graphic designer, Jean Jullien, will be bringing his signature style and humor to our gallery to create a one-of-a-kind painting that interacts with the New York City skyline from 22 stories above ground. Schedule an appointment … Continue Reading→

/Capture #tbt 60 Stories in the Air

Sean Kennedy Santos _©07

Back in 2012 Industrial Color LA provided digital still and motion capture for director Sean Kennedy Santos.  The shoot for the Aria Hotel in Las Vegas involved amazing cars, underwater shots, and grand interiors.  One ambitious shot required the … Continue Reading→

/Capture Focus On: FITNESS


Even though it may still feel like we’re in the dead of winter, spring is fast approaching. So we dug through our archives for inspiration to get fit in time for beach-worthy weather. Check out the collection including work from … Continue Reading→