/Motion Jay Z Magna Carter Visuals

Industrial Color’s motion team collaborated with director, Nathan Brown for the complete capture to post-production job of creating concert visuals for Jay Z’s Magna Carter World Tour. The visuals are in a lo-fi, surveillance-style suggesting government footage and drone strikes alike.

The inspiration for the visual language of Jay-Z’s Magna Carter Holy Grail tour came from a collection of images of redacted government materials, surveillance imagery, and low-fi hacker culture – as if the entire time the show was going on – we were being watched by big brother and the information we were receiving was being recorded, audited, and censored. After the original references were collected – I spent eight days working 24/7 with Industrial Color to bring the ideas to life, working hand-in-hand with their production team sourcing materials for two-days of in-house shooting. After that we went straight to the editorial and animation departments – repurposing the original footage with a arsenal of stock imagery that was cut and reiterated throughout the show – after a week of intensive editing we finished the project and traveled to Manchester, UK to raster and stage a day before the first date. The entire project was a perfect example of vertical integrated fluidity – and the importance of utilizing multiple services under one roof. – Director, Nathan Brown


Additional Credits: Chaka Pilgrim, Executive Production and Willo Perron, Creative