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Industrial Color Productions partners with 30-year veteran Modern VideoFilm to offer Dailies to the East Coast and beyond

Industrial Color, Inc., a family of vertically-integrated software, creative production and post-production companies and Modern VideoFilm, a 30-year veteran in post production, today announced a partnership and the expansion of its capabilities to include on-set and in-house Dailies services to the New York area. This new partnership fills a growing need in New York and other states brought about by increased production volume from local tax incentives. Industrial Color partnered with Modern VideoFilm to extend their services to the East Coast, creating a highly efficient and seamless coast-to-coast digital infrastructure to serve top film and TV production clients across the country.

In today’s fast-paced production environment, post begins on set. Cameras, specs and file formats are changing rapidly and content creators are feeling more pressure to deliver high-quality video to the editing team faster and in greater volumes. Industrial Color has captured and managed digital files for over 10,000 shoots and is well-known as the leader in digital content capture and processing from the first days of digital photography. After launching a successful video division in 2008, Industrial Color extends their expertise to the Dailies market; services include, Colorfront’s On-set Dailies and Express Dailies RAW file ingest and archive offline media creation for editorial with metadata, time code, LUTs, and synced audio. Industrial Color’s portable, state-of-the-art technology and equipment allows clients to leverage expert services on location with the industry’s top Dailies operators.

“Modern VideoFilm is excited to be able to offer its New York based customers expanded Dailies capabilities as well as television and feature film post production as a result of the new partnership with Industrial Color,” says Mark Smirnoff, President of Creative Services at Modern VideoFilm. “The experience, creativity and combined technical experience of both companies is second to none.”

A recent noteworthy Dailies project was for Mike Tyson’s Undisputed Truth, a live-to-tape show, directed by Emmy Award Winning Director Spike Lee and produced by HBO Films (show premiering Saturday, November 16). Industrial Color partnered with Modern VideoFilm to successfully execute this challenging project, which spanned over two nights and captured 12 terabytes of RAW HD footage. Watch the trailer below.

Eleven Alexa cameras caught on-stage action in order to create two large uninterrupted takes that required extreme processing capacity and support staff to deliver immediate Dailies turnaround. Industrial Color coordinated color from set, synced audio, and handled the varying formats seamlessly. The Company also created LTO backup for all media that was ingested and processed and hosted the color review sessions for Spike Lee and his team at its 30,000 sq. ft. Tribeca, NY facility.

“We shot close to 30 hours of material each night and had to get it to our editorial crew the next morning for an important deadline.  The gang at Industrial Color was more than up to the challenge,” adds Mark Hoerr, HBO Vice President, West Coast Post Production.  “Their enthusiasm, professionalism and tireless dedication to the project was the key to making it all go smoothly.  I’m not sure how they did it – but they did. I’m guessing they didn’t get much sleep.”

“The team at Industrial Color is committed to providing our customers — some of the most discerning in the industry — with innovations and services that help improve their creative process and time to market,” states Steve Kalalian, CEO of Industrial Color Brands. “In doing so we are building bridges for our clients and with top service providers in the industry such as Modern VideoFilm. We’re pleased to formalize a partnership with Modern VideoFilm to continue to empower customers.”

Offering services like Dailies ensures the long-term growth and success of both Industrial Color and its customers. If you are interested in learning more about Industrial Color’s Dailies services please contact James Demetri, Post Production Supervisor.

About Industrial Color Productions:

Industrial Color Productions is a division of Industrial Color Brands, a family of vertically integrated full service creative production and software companies. From top tech and production support on over 10,000 shoots to pioneering online digital photo workflow, Industrial Color Productions continues to push the limits and develop Industry standards. With offices in New York City, Williamsburg Brooklyn, Los Angeles and Miami, our talented team and extensive production capacity enables us to provide a full range of high-end services to our clients whether it be in studio or on location anywhere around the globe. Services of Industrial Color include: digital still and video capture, production crews, post-production, video and color editing services, high-speed file transfer, online image management, archive and file storage.

Industrial Color Brands was founded in 1991 from a culture of innovation, excellence and attention to industry trends and client needs. The brands operate independently and together to provide high-level holistic solutions for photography, advertising, retail, media, and production industries. Industrial Color Brands include Industrial Color ProductionsImpact DigitalFast Ashleys Studios and GLOBALedit.

About Modern VideoFilm:

Modern VideoFilm has been providing post-production services to the film and television industry for more than 30 years. Our clients include major motion picture and television studios, independent producers, and content owners from around the globe. We operate four facilities in Southern California along with a fully automated data center in Scottsdale, Arizona. We employ nearly 500 artists, technicians, producers, client representatives and support personnel, all of whom are highly skilled and share a deep dedication to their craft. Our services are organized into two divisions: Creative Services, which includes a host of resources for the production of original television and motion picture content, and Content Management, providing comprehensive solutions for the management, repurposing, distribution and archiving of entertainment content.

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