/Motion Ben Hassett French Vogue

Ben Hassett met with Industrial Color to discuss a photo shoot he was doing for the May 2010 issue of French Vogue. A documentary was being created around the fashion shoot featuring Supermodel Daria Werbowy and Ben wanted to use the RED camera to shoot footage and pull stills.

The photo shoot would be a fashion spread so sharpness and detail were key. There was a concern that because the depth of field was shallow, only about six inches, it would be difficult to pull an ultra sharp still at the right moment from the RED camera as Daria moved around. We decided with Ben that the best solution would be for him to shoot Daria with a digital still camera with a digital back using strobe lights as his lighting and our motion team would be responsible for capturing motion footage.

Often times when photo shoots use both motion and still photography, photographers will shoot the still portion first then break down the lighting only to re-set the lights for a motion shoot, and vice versa. To avoid having to set up lighting twice while ensuring the quality of images were sharp, Omni 1000w lights were placed next to his strobe lights so the reflection off his umbrellas would provide continuous lighting that is needed when shooting for motion. While we captured Daria, we shot video footage over his shoulder in 4K resolution, matching his lighting and aesthetic perfectly.

Because we shot with the RED One camera, our editors were able to apply Ben’s aesthetic to the video that would match his stills. This particular shoot allowed Ben to add to his production skills as a professional photographer.

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