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With the completion of Craig Cutler’s CC52 project, in which Industrial Color provided capture and post production assistance on several pieces, we thought we would share Industrial Color Senior Motion Editor, Bernice Gonzalez’ experience behind-the-scenes with Craig Cutler’s year-long project.

What is your favorite piece from CC52?

From the photo pieces, I love the Duct tape series. I think the texture is amazing. It’s incredible how something so mundane and trivial can make things look so beautiful. The fact that they look like paintings makes it really interesting too.

Duct Tape Car

As for video, I think the last piece “WORDS” is my favorite. In a simple way it captures much of everyday life. Without saying much, it says a lot; and I admire that he was able to capture that.

Which was your favorite to work on? Why?

My favorite piece to work on was “Destination“. It was really difficult to make all the chaos of the city come together through the perspective of a skateboard, and the skater. I love the texture of the city and how that was also captured through the sound design. It was really fun and challenging to communicate that effectively.


I also love the Food Spin Art (highlighted at the top). It’s a very graphic and playful piece. I like the element of surprise that is brings.

What was involved in the work?

Craig would come and talk about the idea. He would bring some sketches and tell me what he wanted to accomplish with the pieces.  Then he went off to shoot. After we would go through the footage, and he would tell me what he loves about it, leaving me to spend some time working on a cut that we would later revise and comment on. Then we would work on the audio. It was very symbiotic. The fact that I was involved from the moment of conceptualization really helped me understand what he wanted.

Any behind-the-scenes info you can share?

Long hours spent in the editing suite!!

In coordination with Stockland Martel and Chelsea Pictures, the CC52 Exhibition will be held at Industrial Color on May 10th from 6-9pm. RSVP to cc52@stocklandmartel.com. View more information about the event here.

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