Capture Services


Industrial Color has pioneered all aspects of the digital capture industry since our inception in 2001; inventing many of the practices and techniques that are the production standards of today.

Dedicated Industrial Color producers in New York and Los Angeles make it easy for you to schedule a digital or motion shoot anywhere – no matter how complex. With nine years of international location experience, we can offer advice to help streamline your production.

Industrial Color digital technicians and camera operators are the most talented and experienced in the world. All of our digital technicians are seasoned full-time employees who undergo a rigorous training program to master all aspects of the digital production.  Their abilities include supporting all digital still cameras, digital video systems including RED and P2 systems, all capture programs, color management practices, processing, editing, retouching, computer systems, printing, networking, and troubleshooting.

We own and maintain all major camera systems and digital backs including PhaseOne, Leaf, Sinar, Canon, Hasselblad and Mamiya. Equipment is thoroughly tested, cleaned and calibrated before every shoot. Our clients are confident that they are using the latest gear and streamlined workflows. In addition, we own 10 production vehicles and a host of related photo equipment.

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